50 Beers on Tap
Craft Beer

We take extreme measures to ensure your beer is poured correctly.


We consistently check pressure, temperature, line cleanliness, glassware and keg condition for your beer drinking pleasure.


Terry's is one of few bars to have a Certified Cicerone® on staff.

Voted #1 Fish & Chips

Voted #1 Fish & Chips and Best Seafood by Macomb Daily.


The process begins with our chef hand cutting large atlantic cod loins, then battering and cooking the cod fresh for each order.


Ask about our seasonal selection.


The owners worked in the famous Milroy's Fish & Chips locations.

Chef TJ's Specials

Chef TJ Newington and his team present amazing specials. 


Our kitchen is filled with talented Chefs who work tirelessly on plate presentation and quality standards on these succulent specials. Watch for Chef TJ on Fox 2 Detroit cooking segments.

Ritts Hospitality Accolades
"Best Sunday Brunch 2018"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
"Top Seafood Restaurants 2017" -  Tom's Oyster Bar - TripAdvisor
"Vote 4 the Best Beer Selection 2018"  Ale Mary's - Channel 4
"Best Seafood 2017"   Terry's Terrace - Vote 4 The Best Channel 4 Detroit
"Best of the Best Fish & Chips 2018" -  Tom's Oyster Bar - Daily Tribune
"25 Best Burgers in America"  Ale Mary's - Men's Journal
"Best Seafood 2016"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
"2015 Hot Spot"   Tom's Oyster Bar - Hour Detroit
"Best Fish & Chips 2018"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
"Great Bourbon Bars of America"  Ale Mary's - GreatBourbon.com
"Best of the Best Restaurant Service 2018" -  Tom's Oyster Bar - Daily Tribune
"Voted Top 5 - Pork Belly Poutine"   Terry's Terrace - MI Restaurant Association
"Vote 4 the Best - Happy Hour 2018"  Tom's Oyster Bar - Channel 4
"Top 25 Restaurants October 2015"   Ale Mary's - Foodable WebTV
"Best Sunday Brunch 2016"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
"Best Raw Bar 2016" -  Tom's Oyster Bar - Metro Times
"Vote 4 the Best  Beer Selection 2018"  Terry's Terrace - Channel 4
"Best Beer Selection 2017"   Ale Mary's - Hour Detroit
"Best Fish & Chips 2016"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
"Metro Detroit's 18 Hottest New Brunches" Ale Mary's - Eater Detroit
"Best Seafood Restaurant 2015"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
"14 Best Burgers in Detroit."  Ale Mary's - Thrillist
"Vote 4 the Best - Seafood 2018"  Terry's Terrace - Channel 4
"Freep 5 : 5 Places to Slurp an Oyster"   Tom's Oyster Bar - Detroit Free Press
"Best Burger 2017"   Terry's Terrace- Hour Detroit
"Best New Bars 2014"   Ale Mary's - Thrillist
"18 Excellent Metro Detroit Bars for Beer Fiends" Ale Mary's - Eater Detroit
"Best Fish & Chips 2015"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
"Best Pub" Ale Mary's - Windsor Independent
"Best Fish & Chips 2017"   Terry's Terrace - Metro Times Detroit
"Best B.L.T."   Ale Mary's - CBS Local
"Best Spanish Coffee in Metro Detroit"   Tom's Oyster Bar - Eat It Detroit
"Top 25 Restaurants June 2015"   Ale Mary's - Foodable WebTV
"Free Press Top 10 Takeover"   Ale Mary's - Detroit Free Press
"Best Wait Staff"   Terry's Terrace - Metro Times
"Hottest Restaurants 2015"   Ale Mary's - Eater Detroit
"Best Beer Selection 2016"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
"Top Burgers in America"   Ale Mary's - StreetzGrilll
"Best Beer Promotion"    Terry's Terrace - Metro Times
"Top  10 Best New Restaurants 2015"   Ale Mary's - Detroit Free Press
"Best Spanish Coffee"    Tom's Oyster Bar - Metro Times
"11 Awesome Appetizers in Michigan"   Ale Mary's - MI Chews & Brews
"Best of Restaurant Service 2016"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
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"Best Fish & Chips 2016" -  Terry's Terrace - Metro Times
"10 Hottest Brunches in Detroit"   Ale Mary's - Eater Detroit
"Best Happy Hour 2016"   Terry's Terrace - Macomb Daily
"Best Beer Bars in Michigan"   Ale Mary's - Thrillist
"Best Fish & Chips 2015" -  Tom's Oyster Bar - Metro Times
"21 Hottest Burgers"   Ale Mary's - Eater Detroit

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11am - 10pm




10am - 11pm


10am - 10pm

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Harrison Township, MI 48045


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